Sunday, April 28, 2013

Salarymen Off To Work

Remember that time when we were bored out of our heads and we decided to take our hijinks to the train station? I remembered you wanted to somehow write our names somewhere in each car train much like how'd you used to do in Berlin, you told me. But we had to do so covertly. The JR train conductors could be a real threat (though a polite one).

Then we ate our bentos in the bench and pretended to wait for the train that we'll never board. Not that time, anyway. We both sang our favorite Bloc Party song. And like Kele, we laughed at all the people off to work. So monochrome and so lukewarm.

Do you still remember? All those salarymen we all thought to be ants. And we, for a time, thought we had everything all figured out?

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Juice Box Camera

So I've got this weird new little guy I've been carrying around and snapping photos with...

Think it's a juice box? Well think again!..... 

This harmless looking gizmo packs so much color and takes wide angles.. 

It's my favorite camera right now... Heeeee...